Alfonso Marquez Makes MLB History with Crew Chief Promotion

Alfonso Marquez is making Major League Baseballhistory…

The 47-year-old Mexican MLB umpire has been elevated to the first Hispanic crew chief born outside the United States, and second overall in MLB history, when the league announced a series of promotions, additions and retirements on Thursday.

Alfonso Marquez

Marquez joins former ump Richie Garcia, who was born in Florida, as Hispanic crew chiefs. Marquez was the first Mexican-born umpire to work in the majors, starting in 1999. He has worked throughout both major leagues since 2000.

He has officiated three World Series, four League Championship Series and nine Division Series, as well as the 2006 All-Star Game and 2018 All-Star Game.

Ramon De Jesus, who worked his first big league game in 2016 as a minor league fill-in, moved up and became the first Dominican-born umpire on the MLB staff.

The 36-year-old ump has been a Minor Leagueumpire since 2009, but started working Major League Spring Trainingsince 2016, according to the MLB.

A chief oversees each four-man crew. Among other things, they often have the last word on disputes with players, make the call for an umpire replay review and decide when to bring out the tarp for a rain delay.

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