Anitta Named Co-Chair for This Year’s Global Citizen NOW Leadership Summit

Anitta is accepting a new citizen-ship…

The 30-year-old Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and occasional television host has been named a co-chair for this year’s Global Citizen NOW, a two-day leadership summit planned for May 1-2 at Spring Studios in New York City.

AnittaAnitta is among a roster of co-chairs that includes Danai GuriraHugh Jackman, Dakota Johnson and Michelle Yeoh.

Anitta, who’ll speak at the summit, is set to join political, corporate and philanthropic leaders for the program that’s focused on driving action for a world where “everyone’s basic needs are fulfilled,” the advocacy organization has announced.

Furthermore, the 2024 edition of the Global Citizen NOW summit will zoom in on ideas for “urgent action” to achieve access for all people to food, energy, healthcare and education; advocate for the flourishing of the planet by pushing for increased climate financing and the phase out of fossil fuels; and drive toward a future where every person and country can prosper through economic development, access to finance, innovation and job creation, according to a press release.

Additional participants include Mokgweetsi Masisi, president of Botswana; Gaston Browne, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda; Philip Davis, Prime Minister of the Bahamas; and Janja Lula da Silva, First Lady of Brazil.

“The world is standing at a crossroads and we have a choice: we can watch the impoverished go hungry, suffer through natural disasters, and die from preventable diseases, or we can take bold action to defeat poverty, defend the planet and course correct toward a more equitable future,” Hugh Evans, co-founder & CEO, Global Citizen, said in a statement. “We have the power to create monumental impact this year, but only if we have the courage to stand up and take action now.”

Additional details about the Global Citizen NOW summit will become available in the coming weeks.

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