Anitta Releases New Single “Mil Veces”

Anitta is reliving a thousand times

The 30-year-old Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, occasional television host and actress has released her new single “Mil Veces.”

AnittaIn her latest single, Anitta sings about the ups and downs of a relationship while reminiscing on the “thousand times” she and her lover have been together and how much her desire is still alive.

“If we get to do it again, we won’t be leaving my room,” she sings in the melodic Brazilian funk single, part of her forthcoming album Funk Generation.

“I love the attractive pop notes of its lyrics, which talk about a relationship that wasn’t meant to last but continues on and on experiencing ups and downs,” Anitta said in a press release. “It’s a relationship dynamic that many people have already experienced.”

The steamy music video, directed by Jackson Tisi, stars Måneskin singer Damiano David as her lover.

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