Antonio Banderas to Star in Limited Series Based on the Novel “The Monster of Florence: A True Story”

Antonio Banderas is reporting for duty…

The 60-year-old Spanish Oscar-nominated actor will portray an Italian crime reporter in his latest television role.

Antonio Banderas

Banderas, who starred as Pablo Picasso in Nat Geo’s Genius, will play Mario Spezi, a reporter who alongside American fiction writer Douglas Preston, investigated one of the most notorious serial murder cases in Europe.

The limited series project, which comes from Nikolaj Arcel and Anders Thomas Jensen, is in development with Studiocanal.

It is based on Preston and Spezi’s book The Monster of Florence: A True Story, the investigation into a serial killer who killed 14 people between 1974 and 1985 in the Italian province. Preston and Spezi uncovered mistakes made by police in their investigations of the crimes, all of which were tied to young couples killed during romantic rendezvous in the Italian countryside.

Preston and Spezi at one point became entangled in the case and accused by police of crimes associated with the murders.

Arcel and Jensen will write and Arcel will direct.

Banderas and Emanuel Nunez will executive produce.

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