Cuesta’s “Kill the Messenger” ThisClose to Landing its Female Lead

Michael Cuesta may have found his leading lady…

Rosemarie DeWitt is in final talks to take on the female lead role in Kill the Messenger, which will be directed by the 49-year-old Latino film and television director.

Michael Cuesta

Kill the Messenger is a true-story thriller about journalist Gary Webb, a San Jose Mercury News reporter who committed suicide after being the target of a smear campaign when he linked the CIA to a scheme to arm Contra rebels in Nicaragua and import cocaine into California.

Jeremy Renner will play Webb, which will be released worldwide by Focus Features.

Along with serving as an executive producer on Blue Bloods and Dexter, Cuesta has also directed episodes of series like Homeland, True Blood and Six Feet Under.

His film credits include L.I.E., 12 and Holding and Roadie.

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