Demi Lovato Appears in GLAAD & Universal Music Group’s “Pronouns Matter” Video

Demi Lovato is talking pronouns…

The 28-year-old half-Mexican American singer/actor is taking part in GLAAD and Universal Music Group’s special clip aimed at making sure that respect for people’s gender identity continues well beyond Pride Month.

Demi Lovato

In the new video, GLAAD and UMG recruited several artists to speak on the importance of pronouns, and why it’s vital that a person’s pronouns be respected.

Stars like Lovato, Cynthia Erivo, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, Vincint, Fletcher, Wrabel and more make appearances throughout to help viewers understand why pronouns matter.

Throughout the clip, each artist introduces themselves one by one, stating their name and then their pronouns. “Hi, my name is Demi Lovato, and my pronouns are they/them,” the singer says at the outset of the video. Each artist then simply asks the person watching: “What are your pronouns?” At the video’s end, the screen reads, “Your pronouns matter.”

In their Instagram post of the new video, UMG wrote that the collaboration with GLAAD was intended to help raise awareness over the importance of pronouns, while also encouraging viewers to share theirs with the world.

“UMG and @GLAAD have partnered with some friends to share the importance of respecting pronouns not just during #PrideMonth, but all year long,” the caption read. “Join them by sharing your pronouns and tagging #PronounsMatter.”


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