Demi Lovato Teases Emotional New Album

Demi Lovato is getting emotional on their next album…

According to an emotional message on the 29-year-old half-Mexican American singer-songwriter’s Instagram Story, the upcoming release will share the artist’s ups and downs during their personal journey.

Demi LovatoThough the “Cool For the Summer” singer’s title-pending eighth studio album has yet to be announced, it sounds like it’s getting pretty close to completion.

“Getting emotional listening to my new album because I’m so proud of it,” Lovato wrote. “It’s my absolute best yet and so representative of me, where I started and who I am today.”

In January, Lovato staged a “funeral” for their pop music, signifying a shift toward punk and rock influences that are definitely noticeable in clips they’ve shared of their unreleased songs. They accompanied their recent Instagram statement with a video singing along in the car to one 2000s-influenced track most likely titled “City of Angels,” and the day before that, posted a video of one called “Happy Ending,” which included the lyrics: “Sure I’m sober now, and everybody’s proud, but I miss my vices. Am I going to die trying to find my happy ending?”

“Yesterday I posted a song called ‘Happy Ending’ and even tho I wrote this in an incredibly dark place I’m so grateful that I’m no longer in that low, cold and lonely place,” Lovato continued in their Story. “I’m sure that no matter what happens in my life…my happy ending is never having to fall into bad habits again.”

The bad habits they’re referring to include their addictions to drugs and alcohol, which Lovato has openly spoken about struggling with since they were a teenager.

They dropped a single called “Sober” in which they admitted to relapsing after years of sobriety in 2018, about a month before being hospitalized due to an opioid overdose. The artist also opened up about the near-fatal experience in their 2021 documentary Dancing With the Devil, and has been fully sober since December at the latest.

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear,” they concluded. “I love you all.”

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