Ed Maverick Releases New Single “Niño”

Ed Maverick isn’t afraid to go deep…

The 20-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter has released his heartfelt new single “Niño.”

Ed Maverick

Hailing from his debut album eduardo, the track is a reflection of a generation’s fears and struggles, with achingly deep lyrics like “life is a beast that is slowly killing me and I don’t know what’s going to happen” that open the track.

True to Maverick’s essence, the track previews a multi-layered, ultra emotional and personal album that documents a state of transition where he allows himself to be vulnerable via lyrics that touch on grief, loss and nostalgia powered by his deep and mature vocals and emotional guitar riffs.

“I made this album during a phase when I felt like I was falling into the same problems as if they were on loop,” Ed Maverick said in a statement. “A lot of this album is about recognizing that there are loops that have to be broken and that you can’t just stay where you are and expect them to change.”

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