Jesse & Joy Release New Album “Aire (Version Dia)”

There’s something in Jesse & Joy’s air

The Grammy-winning Mexican duo, comprised of siblings Jesse Huerta and Joy Huerta, have released their first studio album in five years.

Jesse & Joy

Jesse & Joy’s new album, Aire (Version Dia), is a collection that varies from happy pop and acoustic pop/rock; they’re mostly upbeat tracks marked by multiple rhythmic variations for an effect that’s cohesive but infinitely varied. 

Jesse & Joy have worked with a diverse group of friends for this album, including J Balvin (“Mañana Is Too Late”), ; different producers (Jesse co-produced with Martin TerefeCharlie Heat, and Poo Bear); and even different songwriters. But the result is still very intimate, a sensation underscored by Joy’s sweet vocals. 

The album marks Jesse & Joy’s 15th year in the music industry.

Their previous album Un Besito Mas, released in December 2015, won the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album.

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