Jose Iglesias Gives Post-Game Performance of “OMG” at New York City’s Citi Field

Jose Iglesias is putting down his glove and picking up the mic…

The 34-year-old Cuban-American professional baseball player for the New York Mets, backed by his teammates, performed his OMG song Friday night on the field after the Mets beat the Houston Astros.

Jose Iglesias Iglesias’s song has been playing at Citi Field after each Mets home run and in the clubhouse, but has previously not been commercially available.

That changed Friday, when the song was finally released to streaming platforms.

Iglesias shouted “New York City! Let’s keep the party gooooooing!” as he took the field after the game.

He was accompanied by dancers, and then the Mets team took the field, raising their arms at the chorus.

Iglesias the ballplayer has provided a spark to the Mets after being called up from the minors.

The team is surging after a slow start, and is now over .500 for the first time since early in the season.

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