Joss Favela Releases Third Studio Album “Llegando Al Rancho”

Joss Favela has arrived

The 30-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter has released his latest album Llegando Al Rancho.

Joss Favela

In the midst of the Coronavirus lockdown, Favela dedicated his time to penning all 13 songs that form part of his third studio album.

The Banda-style melodies are an ode to his ranchero roots but his lyrics say otherwise, dedicated, for the most part to love and heartbreaks.

Alguien Especial” has soul-striking guitar riffs and tuba melodies, among other instruments, that tell the story of a person who’s disappointed due to lost love.

In “Te Dije,” Favela uses his powerful vocals to tell the story of a person who’s having a conversation with their ex, who wants to get back together.

And in the focus track, “Tu Adiós Como Tequila,” Favela continues that same line of pain and despair, drinking his sorrows away as he remembers an ex-lover.

Llegando al Rancho wraps up with the Jessi Uribe-assisted “El Alumno,” the only collaboration on the set.

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