LA Dodgers Batboy Javier Herrera Saves Shohei Ohtani with Awe-Inspiring Dugout Catch

Javier Herrera is being heralded a hero for an incredible catch that could have been disastrous for an MLB all-star…

The 38-year-old Latino Los Angeles Dodgers bat boy just may have saved Shohei Ohtani‘s season.

Javier HerreraHerrera was standing on the dugout steps during the team’s game against the Chicago White Sox when a vicious line drive came screaming into the dugout.

Ohtani was directly behind Herrera, and would have been hit in the face.

But Herrera nonchalantly caught the screaming liner, saving Ohtani, who can be seen ducking down quickly.

The bat boy then handed the ball to a fan seated right by him, his face betraying little emotion.

Ohtani, realizing what happened, is shown about to thank Herrera before the video cuts off.

Ohtani hit his 25th home run of the season in a 1-for-2 performance with two walks and two runs scored, helping the Dodgers to a 4-0 victory over the White Sox.

Herrera has been a Dodgers batboy for 20 years.

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