Los Van Van Planning to Tour the U.S. in Summer 2015

Los Van Van are headed to the States…

Contemporary Cuba’s iconic dance band is planning an extensive U.S. tour this summer.

Los Van Van

The tour will be the band’s fifth in the United States, but the first without Van Van founder Juan Formell, who died last May at the age of 71.

Formell’s son Samuel, the band’s drummer, took over leadership of the group when his father died. He recently told The Associated Press that he expects the tour to get underway in late July. It will include stops in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, San Francisco and other cities.

The younger Formell and the group completed their latest album, Fantasia, after Juan Formell’s death, with the title track dedicated to Formell.

“Any conversation about Cuba has to mention [Los Van Van], and we are sure that wherever Juanito’s music goes, his spirit will be there too,” the Van Van singer said at a massive outdoor concert at the University of Havana in December, celebrating the group’s 45th anniversary.

Samuel Formell, 47, told the AP that he’s in favor of ending the U.S. embargo and that he would like to see free elections in Cuba.

“There has to be urgent change — urgent change to save that country,” he said, referring to Cuba.

Get a glimpse of the current state of free enterprise on the streets of Havana in this video for the song “No Le Temo a La Vida.” It’s the last video featuring Juan Formell.


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