Maluma Partners with Blessd to Release Six-Track EP “1 of 1”

Maluma is getting a special assist on his next musical venture…

The 30-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter and Blessd have released their first-ever joint EP called 1 of 1.

Maluma, Blessd

The six-track production includes the title track, “Call Me,” “Oe Bebé,” “Manrique,” “Sisas Nada” feat. Hades66 and “Goyard/GTA.

The album was co-produced by MadMuscik and The RudeBoyz, and best represents Medellín’s reggaetón, swagger and vibrant culture.

“A full production between two Colombian artists had never been done before,” Maluma said in a press statement. “If it’s the first, it can’t be done twice.”

Maluma and Blessd’s friendship began in 2021 when the two Medellín-based acts released “Imposible (Remix),” a saucy reggaeton song by then-newcomer Blessd that became a viral hit on social media and on local Colombian radio stations and in clubs. Since, and prior to dropping their joint EP, they released bangers such as “La Nueva en el Mapa” and “El Reloj.”

“He [Maluma] wants to raise the flag,” Blessd, a former Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise, previously told Billboard. “There is no other artist like him helping those of us who are emerging so much. He’s doing a job that no one else has done. I respect him as an artist and triple as a person because of that.”

Beyond a collaborative set, the two Colombian artists want to encourage every aspiring artist—especially those who reside in the barrios of Medellín—to dream big and work hard for their dreams.

“This work will have a very positive impact,” both acts affirm. “We’ve had dreams since we were kids and seeing that they can come true is a source of pride for those who see us as role models.”

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