Manuel Carrasco Teams Up with Morat to Launch New Version of “Hasta Por La Mañana”

Manuel Carrasco is bringing back one of his classics… with a twist and assist.

The Spanish singer has joined voices with Colombian boyband Morat to launch a new version of his well-known single “Hasta por la mañana”, which is part of the album Corazón y Flecha.

Manuel Carrasco & MoratThrough the lyrics, they convey a powerful optimistic message about living in the present, resiliently overcoming obstacles, and moving on.

Fragments of the lyrics, such as “I’m going to fulfill my commandments/ Don’t waste time/ And live now/ God will say tomorrow/ Because, even if I carry it inside/ There are plenty of arguments to shout” resonate with force.

The video complements the positive feel of the song by showing exciting clips of the group’s performances alongside their fans.

The result is a joyous, collaborative, mood-lifting project that brings Morat back to the studios in the midst of their “Si Ayer Fuera Hoy” World Tour.

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