Marc Seguí Teams Up with Pablo Alborán for New Romantic Pop Song “Mariposas”

Marc Seguí is fluttering forward…

The 25-year-old Spanish singer has joined voices with Pablo Alborán for the new single “Mariposas,” a romantic pop song featuring piano and violin melodies.

Marc Seguí, Pablo Alboran, Mariposas,The theme is an ode to the illusion, expectation and all the emotions experienced by someone who is beginning to fall in love.

“This song talks about those butterflies you feel when you meet someone. That moment when you start to get excited and start to see and feel butterflies,” says Marc Seguí about what led him to write Mariposas.

Between sweet melodies and accelerated lines, they sing playful verses like: “You are sugar for a diabetic/ Or green and white for a betic/ Your face is naturally pretty, you don’t need cosmetics”/ And in a hypothetical case I want my children to carry your genetic code.”

In the colorful, theatrical-style video — where the color pink, a grand piano and histrionic elements such as the sweater and big shoes that Seguí is wearing predominate — the song departs from the honeyed tinge that tends to prevail in romantic songs to become an honest and fun tune to express yourself about that special one.

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