Nathy Peluso Releases Salsa-fied New Single “Mafiosa”

Nathy Peluso is embracing her love of salsa…

The 26-year-old Argentine singer-songwriter has released her latest track “Mafiosa.”

Nathy Peluso, Mafiosa

Much like “Veneno” and every other TikTok video where she’s dancing tropical classics is any indication, Peluso’s new single attests to her love for salsa.

A nearly five-minute track of pure salsa rhythms with a live orchestra (piano, trumpet, congas, guira … the whole nine yards), Peluso delivers a bossed-up track (once again!) about finding her self-worth and being the most powerful woman in the block.

“I’m going to be a gangster, a wonder woman/ May bad men fear me/ When I arrive in my car/ They despair/ They get scared and speed away,” goes the saucy chorus.

Filmed in Madrid, where she’s currently on tour, Peluso is the creative director behind the music video, in which she flaunts different provocative outfits and her killer dance moves. She’s a dangerous and empowered woman on the loose, sending a clear message in “Mafiosa”: Men are afraid of powerful women.

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