Reykon Releases New Track “El Chisme” Inspired by His Own Personal Life

Reykon is fueling his latest track with a little chisme

The 29-year-old Colombian reggaetonero hit the studio to record “El chisme,” a song inspired by the latest rumor going around about his personal life.


There aren’t any specific details about what that rumor is, in his track.

But Reykon sings, “Girl, they told you an incredible rumor, and you believed them/ Of course you believed them/ But stuff from the past has left scars/ I have to leave now, even though I don’t want to.”

A few days ago, Reykon took to social media to address the issue and send a message to the person who started the rumor.

“I feel outraged right now because of a rumor they are spreading. People can be so harmful and they don’t realize how much harm they can do with these words and comments. Yes, we decided to be public figures and people will be talking about us, but I don’t understand why they treat us like if we weren’t human beings. You can ruin our lives too. To that person who is coming up with these rumors about me, you know who you are, get a life and find something else to do.”

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