Rolling in the Deep with Angie Vazquez & Her Brothers

Linkin Park, John Legend and Nicole Scherzinger may have covered “Rolling in the Deep” in the last year… But a band of Mexican siblings may have them beat when it comes to taking YouTube by storm with their version of Adele’s epic hit…

Rolling in the Deep with Vazquez Sounds, Rising YouTube Stars...

Angie Vázquez and her brothers call themselves Vázquez Sounds and they’re rolling in the deep when it comes to popularity on YouTube, notching 132,000-plus views of their cover of this year’s smash hit in less than a week.  Not bad for a 10-year-old singer and her instrument-playing brothers.

The amazing-voiced Angie is the lead vocalist; her 13-year-old brother Gustavo plays the drums; and her 15-year-old brother Abelardo plays the guitar.

Their father, Abelardo Vázquez, is a music producer who played a role in the development of the popular groups Reik and Nikki Clan. But he never imagined developing his own version of The Jets!

“They asked me for permission to use the studio. I recorded them and one of them edited the video. And they’re very surprised with the response they’ve gotten,” says Vázquez, who lives in Baja California, Mexico with the family. “It’s not a formal musical project, it was a spontaneous occurrence that has now become a reality.  First I’d like them to finish their studies and then they can think about something formal. With the response of this video they want to record another and they’ve asked to use the studio again. I support them.”

Here’s hoping Ellen Degeneres brings them on her show— just like she has other young YouTube sensations like Maria Aragon— to help launch their music careers!

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