Ronaldo’s Dolphin Quest…

Cristiano Ronaldo is swimming with the fishes… But don’t worry, it’s not what you think!

The 26-year-old Portuguese soccer sensation went swimming with dolphins on Tuesday while in the United Arab Emirates. Ronaldo even posted a picture on his blog of him with one of the animals, holding its fins as it rose out of the water.

Cristiano Ronaldo Swims with Dolphin

“Today I had a great experience swimming with dolphins,” said Ronaldo. “It’s amazing how they engage with us.”

Later, the Real Madrid striker—in Dubai for the sixth annual International Sports Conference—visited fans at an autistic center, where he signed soccer balls and t-shirts for the children.

Cristiano Ronaldo

During a press conference, Ronaldo, who had played for Manchester United for six years before joining Real Madrid, revealed that he prefers Spain’s La Liga over the Premier League because he claims it allows individual players to shine. He said he ‘learned the elementary and basic rules of football, especially discipline’ while in England. But he said he
believes La Liga is the best league in the world because it ‘relies on players’ skills and techniques.’

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is currently the top scorer in Spain and doesn’t have any plans to switch leagues anytime sign. While he says he could adapt to any league, Ronaldo says he wants to remain at Real Madrid because ‘frankly I’m just enjoying the moment.’

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