Sebastian Yatra Teams Up with Gary Barlow & Michael Bublé for Salsa-fied Single “Elita”

Sebastian Yatra is bringing the salsa…

The 25-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter, who recently earned two Latin Grammy nominations, has joined voices with Gary Barlow and Michael Bublé for the new single “Elita.”

Sebastian Yatra

The core of the song, according to Barlow, is about witnessing the power of women. Its salsa-infused pop blends make “Elita” an “exciting, sexy, and empowering” song, as expressed by Bublé on Twitter.

The collaboration was born in November when originally Barlow and Bublé were going to share credits. However, it was Bublé who suggested that his good friend Yatra would be the perfect fit in the track.

“Within an hour we were all on the phone and when Sebastian sent the track back, we were just thrilled,” Barlow said in a statement. “He has this amazing charisma — it just sounded so authentic.”

Bublé added: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a pop song which had three individuals, all coming together. I thought it was cool as it molded different cultures, and aspects of music and who we’ve all been inspired by and I thought it was a really perfect mix.”

Although “Elita” was created remotely, Yatra feels that he’s been lifelong friends with Barlow and Bublé.

“These guys are pure of heart and talent,” he said. “I can’t wait to keep learning from their advice, example, and friendship in this whole process and future projects!”



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