James Leon’s 8th Gear Entertainment to Launch Live-Action Biblical Film Franchise “Celestials”

James Leon is preparing for an experencia religiosa

The Latino entertainment executive’s Miami and Ecuadorian-based production company 8th Gear Entertainment is launching the live-action project, Celestials, a new biblical film franchise.

James LeonThe project will be will be written and produced by Leon.

The film is described as an adaption of “the first story of good versus evil; the genesis of betrayal; and the start of the never-ending invisible spiritual battle.”

The early synopsis reads: In the serene heart of the Heavens, as Lucifer questions the very fabric of angelic existence, a division grows, leading to a celestial war that threatens to tear apart the divine realm, with destinies forever changed. In a realm of celestial brilliance, angels live in harmony. The Morning Star, Lucifer, shines brightest, leading the heavenly choir. But beneath this harmony, Lucifer’s growing doubts about the angelic purpose create ripples of dissent. From hushed conversations to grand debates, he gathers a faction yearning for change.

Michael, the guardian warrior, sees this ambition as a threat, and the realm stands divided. Tensions climax when Lucifer demands a new order. Refused, war ignites the heavens. As cities crumble and the skies darken, Raphael and Uriel combine their strengths, devising a plan to restore peace while Gabriel’s call for unity reverberates. But the costs of war are high, and by its end, the heavens, though healing, are forever scarred.

Producers have said the film will carry the three major themes of nature of conflict, cost of war and hope and redemption.

Gerardo Mejia, the artist, businessman, and Christian pastor best known internationally for his popular 1990s single Rico Suave, has signed on to executive produce. Mejia also now goes by the name Papa G.

“The story, while set in a celestial realm, resonates with universal themes relevant to the human experience, making it relatable and thought-provoking,” Leon said. “Remaining true to the bible, the story ultimately underscores the importance of unity, something we feel is very much needed in the world right now. This will be epic storytelling meant for the big screen.”

Mejia added: “In these times of uncertainty people are searching for something to believe in. Celestials can be the basic introduction that educates the mind of the viewer to trust the heart. This is a project that will please the conservative believer and make an impact on the atheist. The story of Lucifer’s reign and downfall is the blueprint for every gangster movie and every superstar’s demise. We are going to get closer and more personal with the celestial beings that have always been fighting on our behalf.”