Filmmakers Saba & Iglesias Enter Into “A Good Marriage”

Filmmakers Jonathan Saba and Juan Iglesias are about to remake a beloved French classic…

Saba and Iglesias, who are partners of the Los Angeles-based Rilean Pictures, have acquired the rights to Eric Rohmer’s Le Beau Mariage (A Good Marriage). The late Rohmer was an influential French New Wave director.

Le Beau Mariage

Saba and Iglesias will write and produce the remake of the film, which was originally released in 1982. Le Beau Mariage stars Béatrice Romand as Sabine, an eccentric fed up with being the mistress of a married man who decides it’s time to get married herself. She pursues an affluent lawyer several years her senior, setting in motion an absurd quest.

Iglesias says he and Saba “feel truly indebted to Eric Rohmer and the path he helped forge for independent cinema.” Saba added they are excited to “be able to interpret Rohmer’s distinctive take on relationships and customary dry wit for an entirely new audience.”

Iglesias most recently co-wrote and executive produced AMC’s The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks starring Jeffrey Tambor, Adam Goldberg and Pete Chekvala.