Paloma Mami Releases New Single “Religiosa”

It’s an experiencia religiosa for Paloma Mami.

The 21-year-old Chilean American newcomer, whose real name is Paloma Rocío Castillo Astorga, has released her new single “Religiosa,” which forms part of her upcoming debut studio album Sueños de Dali.

Paloma Mami

The song is the fourth single following “Mami,” “Goteo” and “For Ya.”

In true Paloma Mami fashion, the songstress sings in Spanish and English over a sultry Latin R&B beat.

She sings about a love so pure and real that it makes her feel spiritual.

“I became obsessed with your gaze/ There are no gray days by your side/ I always want you to take care of me/ I don’t like it when you say goodbye,” says part of the lyric.

The homemade music video features Paloma Mami with her real-life boyfriend.

“Every song takes you on a different journey and I know so many will identify with each of these moments and feelings that I’ve expressed through each song,” she said of her upcoming album, set for release on March 19.

Paloma Mami Teams Up with Major Lazer for Hot New Single “QueLoQue”

It’s a Major moment for Paloma Mami

The 20-year-old Chilean-American singer has joined voices with Major Lazer on the steamy new single “QueLoQue.”

Paloma Mami

The urbano track, which features inflections of merengue, has apparently been in development for some time.


“‘QueLoQue’ has been in the works for a while now and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you all,” says Paloma Mami. “It has a fire energy to it with some elements of old school reggaeton and mixing it with that electronic touch from Major Lazer = PALO!”



The song is the latest preview of Major Lazer’s upcoming album Music Is The Weapon, which comes out on October 23.


Paloma Mami, a two-time Premio Lo Nuestro nominee, has previously released the singles “Goteo,” “Mami,” and “No Te Debi Besar,” featuring C. Tangana.


Piso 21 Release New Single with the Black Eyed Peas “Mami”

It’s the mother of all collaborations for Piso 21

The Colombian Latin pop group has joined voices with the Black Eyed Peason the new single “Mami.”

Piso 21 Black Eyed Peas Mami

The lyric of the song is a constant exchange between English and Spanish, which simply lets their special person in the artists’ life know how much they love her.

“Mami” premiered with its music video, filmed in Los Angeles and born from an idea crafted by Black Eyed Peas and Piso 21, under Shadae Lamar Smith‘s direction. 

The clip has a retro-future concept that evokes live performances at The Ed Sullivan Show, one of the most iconic music shows in the United States between 1950 and 1970.