“Por ella soy Eva” Trailer Featuring Camil & Lucero Released

Talk about a maldito mujeriego

In a single hilarious scene, the official trailer for Univision’s highly anticipated telenovela Por ella soy Eva shows just what a wicked womanizer Jaime Camil’s character really is.

Jaime Camil & Lucero

In the telenovela, which is based on the Colombian melodrama En los tacones de Eva, the 38-year-old Mexican actor plays Juan Carlos Caballero Mistral, who transforms into Eva María Lion Jaramillo as a way of getting closer to his co-star Lucero’s character Elena.

Por Ella Soy Eva

In the trailer Camil’s disguised character, who faked his own death, visits his own gravesite on his birthday and witnesses the comedic chaos that ensues when his many conquests all show up to pay their respects to the man they think has passed away.

It’s the first time Camil, who previously Tweeted a photo of his sexy makeover, and Lucero play a couple on screen.

Camil and Lucero’s co-stars Por ella soy Eva include: Helena Rojo, Paty Navidad, Mariana Seoane, Leticia Perdigón and Jesús Ochoa.

Por ella soy Eva is set to premiere on Monday, July 16 at 8:00 pm ET on Univision.