Cardi B Appears in Reebok’s New ‘Meet You There’ Collection Video

Cardi B is a lady of (ath)leisure…

Following her appearance in a Reebok commercial last July, the   26-year-old half-Dominican American rap superstar is back with a new video promoting the athletic footwear and apparel brand’s Meet You There collection.


The 45-second ad features the Grammy-winning rapper in the brand’s bright and sporty athleisure apparel, which caters to both streetwear and athletic wear enthusiasts. She speaks about her unapologetic swagger, how The Bronx raised her, and how she always stays true to herself.

“A lot of people always talking about how I talk,” she explains. “I have a very deep accent, and I started feeling real insecure about it, but it’s like, ‘Nah, forget it.’ I gotta be real with myself all the time. That’s what I gotta do to stay me.”


Reebok’s curated collection caters to both men and women and is available in an extended range of sizes beginning from (XXS – XXXL). 

Prices are also affordable, starting at $25 and topping at $70. 

The Meet You There collection is now available on