Gravitas Ventures Acquires North American Rights to Natalee Linez’s “All About Sex”

Natalee Linez’s latest project will soon be getting an audience…

Gravitas Ventures has acquired the North American rights All About Sex, starring the Latina actress.

Natalee Linez

The first directorial feature from up-and-comer Dakota Gorman, who wrote the comedy, the film is loosely based on her own experiences battling depression and the general anxieties that accompany aging youth.

Gorman also stars alongside Linez, Emma Deckers, Dillon Lane, Matt Angel and Chris Costanzo.

The generational film follows the lives of three mid-20’s friends — Sage (Gorman), Casey (Linez), and Morgan (Deckers)– caught in the grip of quarter-life crises as they meander through the messy, embarrassing and confusing pitfalls that come with “adulting.”

All About Sex hails from Salt & Light Films in association with Warrior Woman Productions.

Myriad Pictures will distribute the film internationally and will present the film to international buyers at EFM.

Myriad Pictures to Handle Worldwide Sales of Peña’s Drama “Frontera”

Michael Peña’s U.S-Mexico border-themed film may see life beyond the United States.

Myriad Pictures has announced plans to handle worldwide sales outside the U.S. and Canada on the dramatic thriller Frontera.

 Michael Peña

Starring the 37-year-old Mexican American actor, Eva Longoria and Ed Harris, the film follows the events that take place after a former U.S. sheriff’s wife (portrayed by Amy Madigan) is fatally injured while riding on her ranch property in the dangerous border area between the U.S. and Mexico.

Michael Berry directed the film, which he co-wrote with Luis Moulinet III.

Currently in post-production, Frontera is expected to be released in 2014.

Myriad Pictures Acquires Rights to Molina’s “Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes”

Alfred Molina will be spreading the truth about fishes around the world…

Myriad Pictures has acquired the international distribution rights to the Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes, which stars the 59-year-old half-Spanish actor and Jessica Biel.

Alfred Molina

Written and directed by Francesca Gregorini, the film centers on Emanuel (portrayed by Kaya Scodelario), an acerbic but sensitive teen who lives with her father and stepmother. When Linda (Biel), a young and hip mother, moves in next door, Emanuel becomes intrigued by Linda’s striking resemblance to her late mother, who died giving birth to Emanuel. Emanuel begins to babysit for Linda’s newborn daughter, but as Emanuel and Linda spend more time together, they develop a bond that becomes deeply entwined in a surprising secret Linda harbors

Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, also stars Aneurin Barnard, Jimmi Simpson and Frances O’Connor.

Myriad will screen the film for international buyers at during this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes was executive produced by Olga Segura, Juan Carlos Segura and others.

Alba In Talks to Star in “Weightless”

Jessica Alba could be experiencing weightlessness in the near future…

The 31-year-old half-Mexican American actress is talks to star in the Milo Addica-directed Weightless from Myriad Pictures.

Jessica Alba

In the Oscar-nominated Monster’s Ball screenwriter’s first directing stint, Alba would star as an astronaut who causes a fatal motorcycle accident before heading off on her first space mission.

When she survives the crash of her space shuttle, her guilty conscience drives her to search for her own victim’s family, and she falls in love with his brother, a cop, in the process.

Myriad Pictures’ Kirk D’Amico will produce with Steve Norris, alongside the United Kingdom’s Apollo Productions and its partners, Pinewood Studios and Double Negative.

This year alone, Alba will appear in two sequels: Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. And, she’s also one of the voice actors in the 3D animated film Escape from Planet Earth.