Ivy Queen Teams Up with Peter Nieto for New Single “Pa’ Mi.”

Ivy Queen is switchin’ up her sound…

The 50-year-old Puerto Rican veteran reggaeton singer, rapper, songwriter and actress has joined voices with Peter Nieto for the salsa single “Pa’ Mi.”

Ivy QueenIvy Queen embraces Nieto’s rich, danceable salsa, performing it with a gusto to match his own. With both singers’ similar-range vocals trading off in the chorus, “Pa’ Mi” is sheer fun; a straight-forward salsa with an immediately catchy chorus.

“The lyrics caught my attention, and of course the musical arrangement was impeccable and denotes a lot of freshness. I was raised with salsa music and trio music, all this mixture and flavor always brings me sentimentally to my house”, highlighted Ivy Queen.

“I don’t consider Peter Nieto a new talent, I consider him talent, period. When

Nieto, for his part, stressed that “beyond achieving a dream”, by working with Ivy Queen, “it is a blessing to have the support and collaboration of a woman like Ivy”.

“Her strength, her courage, her magic, her talent and mettle make her giant and unique. Having the opportunity to sing a salsa song with the queen of reggaeton is already a success for me, and for the new generation of tropical music. Queen, there are no words to thank you, “he added.

The song was written by Nieto and co-produced by Jay Lugo.

Ivy Queen Releases New Single “Next”

Ivy Queen’s got Next

The 48-year-old Puerto Rican rapper/singer has released her latest single “Next,” as well as the song’s official music video.

Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen sings about a relationship that hasn’t been beneficial to her life.

“You didn’t teach me anything / Only that love hurts / You didn’t teach me anything / That’s why I’m going to forget you fast,” the song kicks off.

The infectious reggaeton track was co-written between Ivy and Peter Nieto and shares a woman’s perspective after a breakup.

“For men, saying ‘next’ is the easiest thing to do but when a woman wants to move on and begin dating, we are judged. That’s why ‘Next’ was born,” she tells Billboard.

In the simple yet metaphorical music video, Ivy Queen rocks a set of different glamorous outfits, including a long, silky light grey dress with glittery fringe and a matching pointy hat that represents a shark. The outfits in the clip pay homage to Ivy’s zodiac sign Pisces.

“The shark demands power and leadership,” she says. “When someone sees a shark, they know that there’s a halt. So, in other words, the boss is here. Mommy Shark.”

In true Ivy Queen fashion, “Next” oozes nothing but confidence and empowerment.

Her best advice for women to keep confident and positive after a breakup?

“It all starts with you,” she notes, “when you make the decision that a relationship is over and you’re ready to walk away and move on.” “I love that my songs encourage women. They have helped and inspired many people around the world,” she adds.

Next month, Ivy Queen will unite with the late Celia Cruz for an epic virtual performance at the Calle Ocho Live Festival, which is set to take place on October 4.