Monica Huarte to Star Opposite Rob Schneider in “Daddy Daughter Trip”

Monica Huarte is trippin’

The 39-year-old Mexican actress is starring opposite Rob Schneider in the family adventure live action comedy-animation hybrid Daddy Daughter Trip, which the SNL alum also produced and directed.

Monica Huarte

Principal production on the film, which was shot in Arizona, has been completed.

In addition to Huarte and Schneider, the film also stars Jackie Sandler, Migel Ángel Muñoz, Monty Python’s John Cleese, Schneider’s daughter Grammy nominated singer songwriter Elle King, as well as Miranda Scarlett Schneider and Gavin Joseph.

Daddy Daughter Trip tells the story of 2nd grader (Miranda Scarlett Schneider) who dreams of a fun-filled spring break vacation her family can’t afford. Against the better judgement of her mom (Sandler) and with only coins in their pockets, her dreamer father (Rob Schneider) decides to take her on a spring break trip anyway. After a series of misfortunate adventures, their vacation is saved when the duo meet a couple of famous travel bloggers (Huarte and Muñoz).

The film is also produced by Patricia Schneider, From Out of Florida Productions.

“In my thirty plus year career, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the best actors in the industry, but nothing comes close to sharing the screen with my incredibly sweet and talented eight year old daughter Miranda,” said Rob Schneider.

Huarte previously appeared opposite Schneider in Real Rob. Her other credits include 40 y 20, El Amor No Puede Esperar and Falco.


Muñoz, a 38-year-old Spanish actor and singer, has appeared on Presunto culpable, Sin identidad and Infames.

Negrete Honored for Helping Improve Mexico’s Justice System

Layda Negrete has been awarded the International Women of Courage Award.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne this week awarded the Mexican filmmaker, who has been an advocate of judicial reform in her home country, with the U.S. State Department’s special honor.

Layda Negrete

“The U.S. secretary of state recognizes women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, determination and leadership in promoting human rights, social justice and women’s equality and progress,” the ambassador said in acknowledging Negrete’s contributions to improving Mexico’s justice system.

Negrete and co-director Roberto Hernandez – both lawyers-turned-filmmakers – made the 2010 documentary “Presunto culpable,” which tells the dramatic story of Mexican Jose Antonio “Toño” Zuñiga, a young man sentenced to 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. He was convicted on the basis of false evidence and testimony.

Presumed Guilty

Zuñiga, who served two years in prison, was released after Negrete and Hernandez took up his case and filed an appeal, documenting acts of corruption in the criminal justice system.

Presunto culpable” is the highest-grossing documentary in Mexico’s history.

The U.S. Embassy said that with her films “Presunto culpable” and “El tunel,” an earlier courtroom documentary, Negrete has “provoked public indignation and generated popular support for the important reform approved in 2008 that will made Mexico’s justice system more transparent and efficient.”

For her part, Negrete dedicated the award to the network of civil organizations advocating for oral trials, saying their “continued persistence will not be halted by continued resistance.”

Negrete, who has more than 10 years of experience conducting research on criminal justice systems across Mexico, is currently a graduate student in Public Policy at UC Berkeley.