Fuerza Regida Releases Eclectic New Album “Pa’ las Baby’s y Belikeada”

Fuerza Regida is celebrating “las baby’s”…

The Mexican American Regional Mexican band has released its eighth studio album Pa’ las Baby’s y Belikeada.

Fuerza RegidaThe album opens with a dark and seductive tone, as a sultry female voice confidently professes her affection for corridos. Her high-heeled footsteps echo in the background as she appears to pick up a machine gun, effortlessly blending sensuality with outlaw imagery, creating an intriguing juxtaposition.

Across an expansive 30-track journey, the San Bernardino, California troupe embarks on a daring and audacious expedition, fearlessly delving into the realm of corridos bélicos with a distinctive drill influence.

The album serves as a testament to the group’s evolution as they immerse themselves in la belikeada movement, embracing the realm of excess in all forms: women, power, wealth.

They deliver the expected corridos alterados, this time complete with menacing accordion arrangements; and the inclusion of tracks like “Zona de Comfort” adds a touch of cumbia sabrosura to the mix.

Known for their chart-topping prowess, the group also features their previous hits like “TQM” and “Sabor Fresa.” The album’s lyrical themes stay true to their rags-to-riches narrative (“FVDP”), reminding us of the hard-fought journey to success. However, Pa’ las Baby’s also ventures into unexpected territories. “Harley Quinn” sees them collaborating with Marshmello, infusing EDM elements into música mexicana, while “Freaky Freaky” (featuring Calle 24 and Armenta) brings reggaetón rhythms. JOP even switches to English for the sinister drill number “Dafuk,” showcasing the group’s versatility.

Also featuring El Fantasma, Maria Becerra, Juanpa Salazar, Gabito Ballesteros, Manuel Turizo, Chino Pacas and more, Fuerza Regiga maintains its signature blinged-out corridos style, solidifying its place in the genre. Still, they also boldly experiment with new sounds and genres, expanding their sonic horizons.

Belikeada is a testament to their ability to push boundaries while staying true to their roots, ensuring that that the group remains a reckoning force in the world of Mexican and Mexican-American music.

Fuerza Regida Captures Its Highest Debut on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs Chart with “Sabor Fresa”

Fuerza Regida can savor their growing popularity…

The Regional Mexican band, which hails from California, has captured its highest debut on BillboardHot Latin Songs chart with latest single “Sabor Fresa.”

Fuerza RegidaThe track starts at No. 3 on the ranking dated July 8.

The song follows Fuerza Regida’s “TQM,” which likewise debuted in the upper region just a month ago (No. 5, June).

With “Sabor Fresa,” the group picks up its fourth top 10 on Hot Latin Songs. Out of those, “Bebe Dame,” with Grupo Frontera — its first entry and highest-charting title on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 (No. 25 high in January) — marked Fuerza Regida’s first champ on Hot Latin Songs, which blends airplay, sales and streaming data, leading for two weeks.

“Sabor Fresa” starts at No. 3 on the multimetric survey fueled by a strong streaming activity. The song logged 15 million official U.S. streams in the tracking week ending June 29, according to Luminate. That figure makes for a No. 11 launch on the overall Streaming Songs and No. 2 on Latin Streaming Songs, Fuerza Regida’s highest debut on both.

Sales, too, power “Sabor Fresa’s” high start on Hot Latin Songs. While the song sold less than 1,000 downloads during the same tracking period, it was enough for a No. 3 launch on Latin Digital Song Sales.

On a global level, “Sabor Fresa” bows at No. 16 on the Billboard Global 200 with 37.2 million streams and at No. 25 on Global Excl. U.S. with 23.1 million clicks.

Plus, at its No. 26 entrance on Hot 100, “Sabor Fresa” nearly misses becoming Fuerza Regida’s highest-charting song there. “Bebe Dame” peaked at No. 25 on the January 28-dated list.