Cindy Vela’s “Special K” Moment…

She channeled a sea nymph in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed ad campaign for O.P.I. earlier this year… And, now Cindy Vela is gracing specially marked boxes of Special K in parts of Latin America.

The Mexican-American model/actress is prominently featured wearing “The Special K Red Dress” on the brand’s cereal boxes in Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Exclusively designed by Mexican rising star Ximena Valero—who has garnered international acclaim after presenting her collections in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paraguay, Mexico and the Caribbean—the dress can be worn a minimum of 10 different ways.

“I’m honored that Ximena chose me to be the representative of her brand for this campaign,” says the Olmito, Texas native who serves as the official “Face of Ximena Valero Fashion.” “Support has been sent from all over the world and I am very humbled.

It’s all part of Kellogg’s campaign to promote Special K’s “Program 2-2-3” in Latin America, which offers a personalized diet plan with controlled calories to help you control your figure.  

“’The Special K Red Dress’ represents the achievements that women can obtain through the confidence gained by looking and feeling spectacular,” says Special K brand manager Cristina Mondragón. “That’s how we came up with the idea to reward our consumers with this exclusive design from Ximena Valero.”

From October 17 – November 27, consumers who register the UPC code from the specially marked boxes of Special K will be automatically entered in a drawing to win “The Special K Red Dress.” Each week, 223 winners will be randomly selected.

Meanwhile, Vela hasn’t gotten her hands on one of the specially marked boxes yet.

“I have yet to actually see or hold a box,” professes Vela, a classically trained saxophonist who moved to Los Angeles five years ago to make it big in the entertainment industry. “But I know I’m going to be so overwhelmed with excitement when I do!”

For now, the Los Angeles-based rising star will continue to pursue her next big break, including the release of her first single “Higher” later this year.

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