Camila Cabello’s “Breathe Into It” Sessions for Calm Now Available on Spotify

Camila Cabello is embracing the calm

The 26-year-old Mexican-Cuban American singer’s Breathe Into It sessions for Calm are available on Spotify as part of a partnership to make mindfulness more accessible in day-to-day life.

Camila CabelloEleven of the meditation app’s shows are now on the streaming platform, specially curated to support mental wellbeing by helping improve sleep, reducing stress and anxiety and building mindful habits. Therefore, those without a Calm subscription can still enjoy the practices the platform has to offer.

In Cabello Breathe Into It sessions, he “Havana” singer discusses the unpredictable nature of life, and how she found grace, peace and positivity amid struggles with boundaries and social media.

The superstar has often cited meditation as a useful practice in her life, noting that turning off social media and opting to meditate “helps me so much.”

Those looking for a dose of mindfulness can also enjoy episodes of Calm for Sleep, Calm for Stress & Anxiety, Calm for Meditation, Calm for Beginners, Calm for Kids, and episodes of Daily Mindfulness featuring voices from Jay Shetty, Mel Mah and Tamara Levitt.

Stream Cabello’s Breathe Into It episodes on Spotify here , and if you’re looking for more, sign up for Calm here.