María Gabriela de Faría to Star in the Indie Horror Drama “The Exorcism of God”

María Gabriela de Faría has found a reason to scream…

The 26-year-old Venezuelan actress, singer, model, and dancer will star in the indie horror drama, The Exorcism of God.

María Gabriela de Faría

She’ll star opposite Will BeinbrinkJoseph Marcelland Eric Roberts in the film.

Alejandro Hidalgois directing the film, which is set in Mexico and follows Father Peter Williams (Beinbrink), an American exorcist who becomes possessed by the Devil he was trying to expel and is forced against his will to commit a terrible sacrilege. Fifteen years later, the consequences of his sins come back to haunt him, unleashing a terrifying battle. 

Hidalgo, who directed the Venezuelan horror film, The House at the End of Time, will also produce this project alongside executive producer Joel Seidlthrough their newly created company, Epica Pictures INC

de Feria’s previous credits include appearances in television on Deadly Class, and on film in Plan V.