Juanes Releases Funk-ified Cover of Zoe’s Classic “Vía Lactea”

He’s known for his own smash songs, but this time around Juanes is putting his spin on someone else’s…

The 48-year-old Colombian superstar has released his take on Zoe’s timeless hit “Vía Lactea,” making it his own with his signatures rock sounds and a little help from producer Sebastian Krys.


The end result is a semi-funk, groovy take on Zoe’s love anthem, including a captivating trumpet tune that carries the song and injects it with new life near the three-minute mark.

Juanes’ new version of “Vía Láctea” is part of the album Reversiones, a tribute album to Zoé due later this year.

“Vía Láctea” was released in 2006 and included in the Mexican rock band’s album Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxRj-RoNOTY “I connected the most with “Vía Láctea” … the lyrics, the melody,” Juanes said. “My approach to the song was very free, I reinterpreted the song as if it was mine, I took the chords, started to sing it as if it was my song, I started to imagine it, obviously I took references from their MTV Unplugged album, and the original album too.”