Three Tracks from Gomez’s “For You” Album Leaked Online

Selena Gomez is facing a new dilemma

The 22-year-old half-Mexican American singer actress’ upcoming greatest hits album features a high-octane remix of her single “My Dilemma,” from her 2011 When The Sun Goes Down album.

Selena Gomez

My Dilemma 2.0,” is one of three songs from For You, an album of alternate takes, remixes and new tracks, that have been leaked online.

In addition to the “My Dilemma” remix, the new track “Do It” and a Boy Lightning remix of “Forget Forever” off of last year’s Stars Dance album have been leaked.

The tracks appeared on an uncertified Gomez-dedicated YouTube page Thursday and Friday.

Earlier this month, Gomez shared lead single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” with a dramatic, possibly Justin Bieber-inspired video.

The “My Dilemma 2.0” reworking brings the song up-to-date with contemporary EDM-inspired production, making for a dynamic single.

“Do It” is an uber poppy produced by Rock Mafia with a catchy, almost Rihanna-like chorus.

And Boy Lightning’s “Forget Forever” remix is entirely club-ready, full-bore EDM take on the song.

For You is due out on November 24.

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