TINI Teams Up with Tiago PZK to Release the New Single “El Último Beso”

It’s a last kiss for TINI

The 25-year-old Argentine singer, songwriter and actress has joined voices with Tiago PZK to release the new single “El Último Beso.”

TINI & Tiago PZKTINI and Tiago PZK bring to live the track about young love with matching tattoos, parties, and the last kiss.

TINI and Tiago PZK teamed up with Colombian hitmakers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres to compose and produce their first collaborative effort, which is an urban-pop song with punk rock influences.

“El Último Beso” is exactly that, the aftermath following a breakup and that final smooch.

“Nothing’s the same anymore/ Time continued but I stayed six months ago,” chants TINI. “I’ve loved his talent from the first time I heard it,” expresses TINI in a statement. “I always wanted to create music with him, so I’m very happy that the time has finally come for our fans to listen to this song that we have saved for so long.”

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