Trailer Released for Bardem’s Next Film “To the Wonder”

Magnolia Pictures has released the trailer for Terrence Malick’s latest film To the Wonder, with Javier Bardem narrarating.

Starring Bardem, Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams, “To the Wonder” focuses on a man who reconnects with a woman from his hometown in Oklahoma after his marriage to a European woman falls apart.

Javier Bardem

Affleck plays the said man, while Kurylenko stars as the French woman. McAdams portrays another woman who divides Affleck’s affection, and Bardem plays a priest seeking  spiritual fulfillment.

The trailer for the film – which elicited strong reactions when it debuted earlier this year, first in Venice and then in Toronto – is filled with beautiful shots of natural landscapes and people sharing love with one another.

To the Wonder will be released next year.

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