Victoria La Mala Releases Immigrant Rights-Themed Charity Single “Corazon Valiente”

Victoria La Mala is raising her voice to raise awareness for the plight of migrant families separated at the border…

The Mexican singer, an up and coming regional Mexican singer/songwriter signed to Roc Nation Latin, not only marched in support of reuniting families last month.

Victoria La Mala

She also wrote “Corazón Valiente” with Claudia Brant in the wake of the government’s decision to rescind DACA.

“You risked so much searching for a dream, how can they tear it away like that?” La Mala asks in her song, inspired in part by her own immigration experience when she moved from Mexico to the U.S. at eighteen years old.

“All of us come here looking for a better life, a dream, and it’s terrible to be treated like possible criminals,” she tells Billboard. “In my family, many who came without papers have gone on to become doctors, attorneys, even mayors of their towns. This is an issue of humanity, not politics.”

In tandem with the song’s release, La Mala has launched a Facebook fundraising campaign called “Corazon Valiente” to raise money for the RAICES Foundation, a nonprofit providing legal services to immigrant children, families and refugees.

The song, produced by Brant and Ezequiel “Cheche” Alara, has been released on Roc Nation.

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