Zapata’s Art Piece Featuring Lindsay Lohan Sells for $100,000

It’s no wonder Domingo Zapata been named one of Whitewall Magazine’s “Artists to Watch”… His recent Adam and Eve-inspired piece featuring Lindsay Lohan has just sold for $100,000.

The 37-year-old Spanish artist—who has spent some 20 years creating art—has created an art piece comprised of Polaroid pictures of the 25-year-old actress/singer.

Domingo Zapata

Entitled “Eat Me,” Zapata’s work of art is made up of four snapshots of a platinum blond Lohan with a sultry look on her face. Zapata embellished the piece with paint into an Adam and Eve story of original sin and the following words scripted throughout the grid layout:

“An Apple . . . that I like . . . with a bite out of it. Adam and Eve changed mankind forever . . . started SIN . . . it was a plain simple apple hanging from a tree. Then the world changed for all of us” scripted throughout the grid layout.”

Zapata, who shot the images in his studio at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, reportedly sold the work through the Hus Gallery to a prominent British collector, according to The New York Post.

Zapata is best known for producing figurative and abstract expressionist paintings in both oil and acrylics, as well as mixed media and collage.

Images courtesy of Domingo Zapata.

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