Facebook Watch to Launch Sofia Vergara’s Daily Docuseries “365 Days of Love” on New Year’s Day

Sofia Vergara is making a Loveconnection…

Facebook Watch has scheduled a New Year’s Day premiere for its new daily docuseries 365 Days of Love, featuring the 46-year-old Colombian actress and Modern Family.

Sofia Vergara 

The project—hailing from New Form and Latino-focused entertainment company Raze, co-founded by Vergara, Emiliano Calemzuk and Luis Balaguer—was developed by New Form CEO Kathleen Grace.

365 Days of Love will feature a new story of love and human connection daily throughout 2019. The stories hail from top talent, influencers, emerging filmmakers and everyday people and take on different forms, with each storyteller offering their own perspective of what love means to them.

Vergara will serve as executive producer, along with Balaguer for Raze, and will be the subject of several stories.

“When I founded Raze with Emiliano and Luis, our goal was to always provide a place where people can share passionate stories and make a difference. The 365 Days of Love daily documentary series does just that by allowing us to create a movement that challenges the world to contemplate the things that make us connected as humans,” said Vergara. “I am excited to partner with New Form and Facebook Watch to help bring the world closer together in a conversation about unity, love and what we all share in together.”

The series is currently in production and is actively seeking stories. More information can be found on the Facebook Watch landing page.

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