Fat Joe Calling for Transparency in the Nation’s Healthcare System

Fat Joe is helping raise awareness about the nation’s healthcare system…

The 53-year-old Puerto Rican and Cuban American rapper has joined Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Rick Ross, Chuck D, and French Montana for a special PSA that advocates for more transparency in the healthcare system.

Fat Joe“Today, we confront a health care system that has been rigged against all of us,” they collectively said in the minute-long video. “Hospitals force patients to sign contracts for services without ever showing us actual prices, stifling competition, overcharging without accountability. And if we can’t pay, these same contracts allow them to take everything we own.” 

Partnering with Power to the Patients, they labeled the current healthcare system as an “American healthcare crisis,” and rallied for more honest, affordable and equitable healthcare nationwide.

The video also came ahead of the congressional voting on healthcare transparency bills in Washington, D.C.

“Stifling competition. Overcharging without accountability and we can’t pay. These same contracts allow them to take everything we own,” they continue. “Creating so much fear that millions and millions of Americans refuse to enter a hospital. Our health and our lives at stake. This is an American humanitarian crisis. We demand prices and transparency in healthcare.”

Earlier this year, Power to the Patients, Fat Joe, City Council members and various union groups in New York City joined forces to advocate for transparency efforts.

That resulted in Mayor Eric Adams signing the Healthcare Accountability and Consumer Protection Act in June 2023.

The Act launched the nation’s first Office of Health Care Accountability to allow New Yorkers to compare hospital costs for the same services.

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