Demi Lovato Releases Empowering New Single “I Love Me”

Demi Lovato is spreading the (self) love…

The 27-year-old half-Mexican American singer/actress has released her second new single of the year in the form of the empowering “I Love Me.”

Demi Lovato

The video for the raw and powerful single features three versions of Lovato all pulling her in different directions until she finally realizes that it’s loving herself that will bring her true happiness. 

“Why am I always looking for a ride or die/Cause mine’s the only heart I’m gonna have for life/After all the times I went and f*** it up/I wonder when I love me is enough.”

Lovato, who made an emotional return to music at the Grammy Awards with her performance of “Anyone,”will include “I Love Me” on her upcoming, as-of-yet unannounced album, her first full-length project since 2017’s Tell Me You Love Me.

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