Ally Brooke Hernandez Debuts New Spanish Track “Vámonos” at Fusion Festival

Ally Brooke Hernandez is embracing her Spanish roots…

The 25-year-old Mexican American singer and former Fifth Harmony member has a new Latin-pop song called “Vámonos,” which she debuted live over the weekend at Fusion Festival in Liverpool, U.K.

Ally Brooke Hernandez

“VAMANOS FUSION FEST!!!” the Fifth Harmony singer — now focusing on her solo career– wrote on Twitter, where she posted a short video from the fest.

The footage doesn’t show the entiresong, but you can hear the lyrics of the chorus: “Vámonos, vámonos, vámonos, pero a la cama, a la cama, a la cama, no.”

Her performance to the upbeat, Spanish-language track was dance-heavy, with several backup dancers included in the choreography.

“First show tomorrow…been working hard,” the singer said on Twitter the day before her set at Fusion Fest.

No word on whether “Vámonos” will be an official single, but Brooke did recently confirm she’s signed a solo recording deal with Latium Entertainment/Atlantic Records. Since Fifth Harmony’s hiatus, she’s contributed vocals to DJ Topic‘s “Perfect” and Lost Kings‘ “Look at Us Now.”

Hernandez shared one clip of “Vamonos,” while fans at the show supplied some more on social media.

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