Anahi & Her Fellow RBD Band Mates Reuniting Next Year

Anahi is a rebel with a cause…

The 39-year-old Mexican singer and her RBD group mates are reuniting after 15 years.

RBD, RebeldeThe popular Mexican rock group, based on the fictional cast of the show Rebelde, is making the announcement following a recent reboot distributed by Netflix.

The OG Rebelde crew is back, as evidenced by a new Instagram post contrasting classic Rebelde footage with a recent reunion featuring (almost) the entire cast. In addition to Anahi, Christopher von Uckermann, Dulce Maria, Christian Chavez and Maite Perroni are expected to return.

The official RBD Instagram page (@rbd_musica) appears to have wiped the entire page, replacing all their prior posts with the reunion video. As the camera pans to each member of the original cast, the video cuts back to a memorable Rebelde moment featuring that cast member.

However, there is one notable absence: Alfonso Herrera. The Ozark actor has already made his mark in Hollywood following a series of notable roles. He also denied the possibility of him returning to the RBD universe in the new reboot, in an interview with Latina. “I will be in the first row to cheer them on and support them,” he said.

There’s little information on what the reunion will consist of.

We still have no idea if this is a reunion like the Friends special on HBO Max or a full-on reboot like Netflix’s Fuller House. However, the video guides fans to a website that has a countdown clock and the words

“Prepara tu corbata, Enero 19 2023” (Prepare your tie, January 19, 2023), which is as mysterious as it is exciting.

The five participating cast members seem to have followed suit. Each of them has wiped their entire Instagram profile and replaced their photos with the RBD logo. The fact that they’re all committing to the marketing this much does suggest the reunion will consist of more than one episode or special.

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