Arnold Barboza Jr. Defeats Sean McComb in Controversial Split-Decision

Arnold Barboza Jr. has pulled out the win…

The 32-year-old Latino American boxer was awarded a controversial split-decision victory over Sean McComb on Saturday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Arnold Barboza Jr., Barboza, who had been on standby to replace Ryan Garcia in the main event, consistently struggled with McComb’s height, reach and southpaw stance – and to the extent that there is little question a fight between he and Haney would have proved a significant mismatch.

He was awarded scores of 96-94, 97-93 and 92-98 at the conclusion of their 10 rounds at super lightweight, but the third score, in McComb’s favor, was perhaps the most accurate of the three, contributing to loud boos from the crowd.

Barboza (30-0, 11 KOs) wasted time attempting to get inside against McComb (18-2, 5 KOs), and largely because McComb’s inability to hurt him meant he was unconcerned about the extent to which the Northern Irishman was landing.

The seventh round was McComb’s strongest, on account of his increased aggression and his success in repeatedly landing. But after hearing the scores announced, he may have regretted the extent to which his work rate dropped in the eighth and ninth.

As they went down the stretch, boos rained down from the crowd, but McComb could care less as this was clearly his night.

Ultimately, the judges thought otherwise, as Barboza was awarded a controversial split decision victory.

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