Boneta Releases New Single “The Hurt”

Diego Boneta is ready to make you feel his pain…

The 24-year-old Mexican singer/actor, who currently stars on Fox’s comedy-horror series Scream Queens, has just released his new single “The Hurt.”

Diego Boneta

The track, which Billboard describes as “sexy, catchy and very rock and roll,” is the first single from his upcoming bilingual EP.

“I started working on my third album back when I did Rock of Ages, which was 2012, and then I signed to Sony Music Latin,” Boneta tells Billboard. “When I signed with them I had an idea of what I wanted my sound to be. Usually it takes many songwriting sessions to find your sound and then many more to find the single. But when we did ‘The Hurt,’ the stars were aligned, the muses were in a good mood and then boom, it just came out! That was the first song I wrote with Sony, and it’s the staple to my sound now.”

Boneta says writing the song was cathartic in a way. Like many of the best songs ever recorded, “The Hurt” came after a break-up.

“Emotionally I was going through a really tough time,” he says. “You just feel like you don’t want to give yourself up for anyone anymore; you don’t want love. So the song has that sexy groove to it, a cool beat and a retro sound to it as well.”

And Boneta isn’t leaving his Latino roots behind despite his retro sound.

“The EP has six songs, four of them are in English and two of them are in Spanish,” he shares. “The sound will be top 40 pop, with a retro kind of vibe, like the Black Keys meet Bruno Mars. It’s modern beats and modern choruses but the verses and some of the guitars and instruments have a bit of a rock n roll throwback, along the lines of Little Richard and Elvis, while other parts are more ’80s-sounding.”

Boneta, who rose to acclaim on the Mexican soap opera Rebelde, released his debut album Diego in 2005. He then followed it up with the album Indigo in 2008.

His big Hollywood break came when he was cast in the lead role in Adam Shankman‘s movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages.

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