Caco Ciocler to Star in Disney’s Brazilian Drama Series “Americana”

Caco Ciocler is celebrating Americana

The 51-year-old Brazilian actor will star in the Disney drama series Americana, which centers on the plight of ‘Confederados’ who left the U.S. for Brazil after the American Civil War.

Caco Ciocler, The streaming series, which is for Disney’s Star+ in Brazil, is shooting in São Paulo with a cast including Kaiwi Lyman.

São Paolo production house CineFilm is making the show based on scripts from Maurilio Martins and Manuel Moruzzi. Two six-episode seasons have been ordered ahead of a 2024 launch date.

In addition to Ciocler, other Brazilian actors starring in the project include Andre Ramiro, Bruno Gissoni, Larissa Nunes, Zeze Motta, Thalma de Freitas, David Júnior, Maria Luiza Mendonça, Luciano Quirino, Zahy Tentehar, Lucila Gandolfo, Diego lleske, Arthur Garbe and Ditte Marie le-Fèvreare.

The series is set in Americana, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, during the late 19th century and follows the Confederates who left the U.S. for Brazil after losing the American Civil War. It reportedly follows a police officer and his female slave, who is also a detective, as they uncover the truth behind murders in the town. About 20,000 Confederate subjects — known as Confederados — left America to emigrate to Brazil in the 19th Century.

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