Camila Fernández Releases Mariachi Ballad “Una Vida”

Camila Fernández is celebrating (a) life

The 25-year-old Mexican singer has released the new single “Una Vida.”

Camila Fernández,In true Fernández dynasty form, Camila’s delivery of a mariachi or norteño song is just as evocative as her grandfather’s (Vicente Fernández) and her father’s (Alejandro Fernández).

The accordion-led “Una Vida,” Camila’s latest single, is a gorgeous mariachi ballad about finding and preserving genuine love — one that centers on each other’s spiritual growth.

With her striking, mature and deep vocals, Camila sings, “today I place all bets on you even if there’s no guarantee … if I had to repeat every step that led me to you, I would do it with pleasure.” The song follows previously released singles “Fue Tan Poco Tu Cariño” and “Todo Todo” from earlier this year, as well as her 2022 debut album, Vulnerable.

The music video for “Una Vida” features Camila’s maternal grandparents, who portray a beautiful love story.

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