Cardi B & Lizzo Release Ancient Greece-Inspired Music Video for Their First-Ever Collaboration, “Rumors”

Cardi B is dispelling rumors

The 28-year-old half-Dominican American rap superstar has joined voices with Lizzo to release their all-new single “Rumors,” as well as the song’s Greektastic music video.

Cardi B & Lizzo

The song marks the duo’s first-ever collaboration.

On Thursday, ahead of the release, the two Grammy winners posted a promotional clip with a sneak peek from the music video. In it, Lizzo is heard singing, “All the rumors are true, yeah.”

Also in promotion of the tune, Cardi B posted the official artwork for “Rumors” on Instagram.

“RUMORS on Friday, and yes this is the single art,” she captioned her post on Wednesday. Lizzo posted an identical post on Thursday and captioned it, “Fun fact: we took this picture right after Cardi whispered ‘I want to eat yo p—y’ in my ear ‘RUMORS’ THIS FRIDAY YOU READY?” To which Cardi commented, “Lmmmmaaaoooo I wonder if the camera man caught that part .”

The music video features a pregnant Cardi B and Lizzo – both dripping in finery –center stage in the gold-plated video, which takes its inspiration from ancient Greece.

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