Castro Lands a Big Promotion at Universal Pictures

Fabian Castro is climbing the corporate ladder at Universal Pictures

The Latino executive has been promoted to Senior Vice President for Multicultural Marketing at Universal Pictures.

Fabian Castro

Castro, who has been focused on Latino outreach while at the company, will oversee the multicultural marketing unit, which Universal said it is expanding. It also plans to boost its presence on current and upcoming marketing campaigns to oversee a broader range of ethnic andspecialty demographic groups.

Castro helped promote such films as Despicable Me 2 and the Guillermo del Toro-produced thriller Mama, which earned 28% and 46% of their respective opening-weekend grosses from the Latino community.

“Unlocking the Hispanic marketplace is a priority for every studio, and we’re proud of the gains we’ve made with Fabian’s guidance,” said Universal’s co-president of Marketing Michael Moses. “He has led us to implement innovative, effective campaigns that cross every marketing discipline and communicate to this segment of the audience in an authentic way.”

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